Terms & Conditions


Here's the legal bit:


(1) Backup of important data is solely the responsibility of the customer. Tris Gruber PC Services cannot be held responsible nor accept liability for any data or software that may be lost, altered or damaged during the course of a repair. It is recommended that any important data be backed up by the customer prior any work being undertaken on the device.


(2) Pre-booked on site visits are for a maximum duration of 2 hours. Should it not be possible to complete the investigation or repair within this time, it may be necessary to take the device away for in-house repair or arrange a second visit.


(3) In instances where a repair is not possible, not economically viable or the customer elects not to proceed with a suggested repair; a diagnostic fee may still be chargeable.


(4) All work undertaken is covered by a 14 day guarantee. If you notify Tris Gruber PC Services within 14 days that the same fault has reoccured, then the problem will be reinvestigated creditting any previous payment made against the cost of reinvestigation. Should the cost of the reinvestigation or any additional repairs exceed the amount previously paid then further charges may apply.


(5) All parts supplied are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Should a part fitted fail within the warranty period and the manufacturer agrees to supply a replacement, the replacement part will be fitted at no additional charge.


(6) Any equipment not collected within 90 days following notification that work or diagnosis has been completed will be properly and safely disposed of.

By utilising the services advertised on this website you are confirming that you agree to the above terms and conditions in full. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice and do not affect your statutory rights.