Computer not starting? Trust Tris to get it running again


bsodFor many users it's the worst-case scenario; you switch on your device only to find it won't start at all, either displaying some cryptic error message or constantly restarting, leaving you with no way of accessing your important files and programs. There are various possible reasons for a device not to start up properly, and it's important that the cause of the problem be diagnosed correctly and quickly to avoid any potential loss of data.

Most of the time, startup problems are the result of something simple and, once the cause is established, the system can be easily returned to normal. But even in extreme cases where the computer's data is damaged or corrupt, you don't need to worry; your valuable files will usually be fully recoverable.

TIP: Save yourself stress and expense by making regular backups of any important files you have. You can backup to disc, a USB pendrive or to an external hard drive if you have one. If you'd like more information on the best way to back up your data, just ask.

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